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Celebrity 5 Questions


1. What - or who - was the strongest influence on you when you were growing up and what did you learn from them?

Answer: "My mother...to work hard and put God first in all that I do."

2. When did it become clear to you that you wanted to give back, or that you could, or that you had to?

Answer: "I looked at my mother as a teacher and as an educator, and also seeing the struggles of people around me. I thought to myself 'how could I not help'"

3. Celebrity culture has a huge impact on our youth, how can we use the power of media to help our youth find their own power, and use it to make a better world?

Answer: " First we as celebrities should lead by example...and hopefully that example is inspiring the youth toward a positive direction."

4. The Common Ground Foundation has a program called The Corner that works with kids to develop the critical reasoning skills that are often ignored in traditional literacy programs. What is it that you are trying to address beyond the simple ABC's of literacy?

Answer: " I think that reading is a way to educate one's self to many things, and to even learn about yourself. I've read many books that have reminded me of who I am, and have helped me to discover my purpose in life."

5. Do you think that it's possible to express anger and frustration in a way that is powerful and artistic, but still focuses on creating change for the future rather than anger at the past?

Answer: "I believe the energy of anger and frustration may be channeled in a positive way. We all need to release, but to be able to do it in art is the healthy way...the most productive way."


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